Arthur Murray Challenge How-to

Table of Contents

A few changes have been made to accommodate every one with a better experience. 

Dancers Management

Manage your dancers

Use the respective button to either add:

  • an instructor
  • a student dancing with an instructor
  • a couple dancing am/am

Add Required information

Each button will open a popup to register a new dancer or couple. 

For Students and Couples, the Level and Age group will determine their entries for THE ENTIRE series. 

You can add a picture of the dancer or couple too!

Update page

You can add dancers at any time, as many as a time you want. 

To see them on the page you need to refresh the Page by clicking on “Refresh Page to update the lists” button

Edit Existing Dancers

If you’ve made a mistake, or some of the existing dancers have missing information such as not show the Level and Age Group,  you can now EDIT it. 

Simply click on the top right icon of the dancers’ info box.

Enter the Challenge

Platform Opens Registration

Go to the Enter the Challenge tab

When the platform opens registration, a button to add your entries will appear. 

Click on to Create and Add the Entries to the cart*

*New Feature

Arthur Murray Dance Challenge Entry

Simply pick whether you want to enter a Pro/Am student or an Am/Am couple.

Select the right student(s) and the Instructor.

Click on Upload Video Button and choose your video. 

Wait for the Video to display

Wait until you are able to see the video on the page. Only once the video is processed and visible that it can be submitted. 

Click on the “Add Entry” Button

Your Entry is in the cart!

Once you click on the “Add Entry” Button, a message will show up on top to let you now your entry has been added to your Cart. 

You can either go to the cart to proceed, or add another entry from the same window. 

ATTENTION: pro/am to am/am

If you need to add another entry, and the go from entering a Pro/Am student to an Am/Am couple or vice-versa, make sure the Select box for the student or couple shows “Select Student…” before switching. 

Is my Video uploaded?

After adding entries, they will show up in your cart and on the Enter the Challenge tab. 

If you see the Video Recorder Line with a big number, success! Your video has been properly attached to your Entry.

You only need to Checkout to send it to us. 

Proceed with Payment

Once your entries have been added, proceed with the Checkout to make your payment.

Enter the necessary information and click on the “Place Order” Button.

Last chance to make sure a video is properly attached to the entry! Check out for that long number on each entry. 

Order Confirmation

Once payment is done, your cart is emptied and the dancers are now entered in to the challenge.

The age will display an Order Number for reference, in case some thing goes wrong with the payment. 


Your Video Entries

List of Videos entered

On the Video Submitted Tab, you now have the list of all the dancers officially entered into the Mirror Ball Challenge. 

If a Green Video icon is missing for an entry, contact us! 

Your Profile needs to be linked to a Studio